St. James Church Weekly Bulletin

Hot air leaking out of our homes in winter and coming in during summer wastes more energy than most of us would ever imagine. Air leaks may account for 15 – 25% of the heat our furnaces generate in winter. An average unweatherized house in the United States loses as much air as it would if a good-... view entire article
It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the vast problem of climate change, but the choices we make every day can make a real difference. When it comes to reducing carbon emissions you can achieve beneficial results through your own efforts. We know that you can prevent adding 4 tons of carbon emissions ... view entire article
What Can I do? As mentioned in last week’s bulletin, the average American emits 20 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere annually. Simple steps can be taken to decrease those emissions by 20% (4 tons); a meaningful and achievable goal. A handful of consumer ... view entire article
 A plastic shopping bag can take anywhere from 15 to 1,000 years to decompose. Plastic bags are made from petroleum products and degrade mostly through light exposure which dissolves them into toxic polymer particles. The United States alone uses approximately 100 billion new plastic bags per ye... view entire article
Please join in the 2017 Holy Highlands Habitat Home Build. This will be the 7th Habitat Home that members of St. Brigid & St. James communities have helped build. The financial and volunteer sponsors of this build are St. Agnes, St. Brigid, St. Francis of Assisi, St. James, St. Raphael and Holy Trin... view entire article