Note: Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many of these groups are not functioning at present

Altar Server (Adults)

There is now an opportunity for the adult members of our parish to serve at the altar. Men, women, and married couples are now scheduled to serve. Appointment is upon approval of the pastor.

Altar Server (Youth)

The youth of our parish participate in the Mass by serving on the altar during Masses. Those in the fourth grade or older and having completed their First Communion are encouraged to participate in this ministry. Incoming servers are trained before they are placed into active ministry.

Eucharistic Ministers

Ken Rosenbaum -(502) 228-9199

Those who serve as part of this ministry have the responsibility of maintaining the proper respect and care in distributing the Body
(Host) and the Blood (Wine) during the celebration of Mass and bring Holy Communion to the sick and homebound. Candidates for this ministry must be approved through the Archdiocesan Office. Any confirmed adult can apply.

Gift Bearers

Margaret Guilford (5:00 PM Saturdays) – 451-3034
Pam Luebbe (10:15 AM Sundays) – 426-4497
(8:00 AM Sundays) –

This ministry assists in weekend Liturgies by presenting the bread and wine to the priest at the Offertory time of the Mass. Individuals and families are invited to participate in this ministry.


Mora McCreary – 648-8688

Lectors are called to proclaim the Word of God at liturgical celebrations. Lectors must be reverent and prepared to proclaim the Word properly and succinctly during each reading. In preparation for each assignment, lectors are encouraged to research the reading and to proclaim it with the same zeal as the apostles. Lectors are notified of when they are scheduled to read and are provided a workbook so they can prepare for the reading properly. All practicing Catholics who have received the Sacrament of Confirmation are invited to participate in this ministry. Special arrangements are made for youth and children's liturgies.


Ken Rosenbaum -(502) 228-9199

Sacristans assist the priest in preparing the church for Mass. Duties include assisting with the overall facilitation of liturgies, preparation and clean-up. Parishioners may express their interest in becoming sacristans by notifying. Sacristan training is offered periodically.

Ushers / Greeters

Ken Rosenbaum -(502) 228-9199

Ushers serve our community by faithfully opening doors, “directing traffic,” answering questions, collecting the offertory, and fulfilling other duties during each weekend Mass. In addition, ushers do much to make the parish community a welcoming place to visitors as well as longtime members. Both men and women are welcome to assist with this ministry.

Director of Music

The Director of Music oversees the music provided at all weekend Masses, weddings, and funerals, assuring that the music in our worship meets a standard of liturgical excellence.High-quality music by competent individuals and groups not only enhances enjoyment but more significantly leads to “full, active, and conscious” participation, the primary goal for our liturgies. Our adult choir, cantors, and organist make this happen.

The 5:00 PM Mass on Saturdays is a cantored Mass. Good cantors provide vital support for all congregational singing. New cantors are welcome.

Additional instrumentalists on a regular or special-occasion basis can add something special to enhance the liturgy. If you play an instrument, please contact us.

The Director meets with each bride and groom months before their wedding to help them choose the music for their wedding.

The Director of Music helps family members plan the music for funeral liturgies of a loved one.

Choir Director

The Choir sings at the 10:15 AM Mass all Sundays, except during July and August. They rehearse twice monthly and have a brief “warm up” at 9:45 am on Sundays. We always welcome new members who love to sing. The ability to sing and the desire to lend another voice to fine music are what it takes. Our choir members truly enjoy and can be rightly proud of their contribution.

Altar Society

Roberta Rosenbaum, Chairperson – 228-9199

The St. Brigid Altar Society meets on the first Wednesday of each month. The dues for member-ship are $10 per year. The group uses the membership funds to purchase the altar breads used in all the Masses at our church. The Society also devotes some of their funds to have two Masses said when a member passes away.

Bereavement Committee

Jane Dentinger – (502) 544-7111 (cell)

The Bereavement Committee is an expression of sympathy from the St. Brigid Parish when a parishioner dies. Prior to the funeral Mass, the parish delivers a meat and cheese tray to the funeral home for the comfort of the family. The family may also wish to use the Goetz Center for a post-funeral gathering which they cater themselves.

Environment Committee

Barbara Price - (502) 457-9501; Greg Price (502) 310-9168

This committee provides support for creating and maintaining an appropriate, reverent and prayerful environment in St. Brigid’s church sanctuary. Ordinary Time, Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter are celebratory seasons, and the appropriate décor is added to set a mood for the liturgical seasons. The goal of all decorations is to foster prayer and inspire the faithful to further glorify God.

Parish Office Help

Mark Shircliffe, Parish Manager (502) 451-1420, ext. 15

Periodically, individuals are invited to work in the Church office assisting with everyday clerical tasks. Computer experience is extremely helpful yet not necessary. Those willing to assist can contact Mark Shircliffe for further details.