We are sensitive to the uncertainty that has occurred because of Covid-19. Many workers have been sent home, some without the assurance of a paycheck. Additionally, we recognize issues with childcare, family health, and other issues are placing everyone under additional stress. It’s an awkward time to talk about finances.

If you are in a position, however, in which you can keep up your stewardship, either by mailing it in, dropping it off at the rectory, or using VANCO for automatic withdraw, that would be most appreciated. The staff of St. Brigid and St. James, led by Father Gary Padgett, are dedicated to serving the needs of our parishioners during the duration of this event. We appreciate your prayers and support as we move forward, placing our trust in God.

A link to online giving has been added to the Announcements page of each individual parish. At the top of this page, you may select STEWARDSHIP and then choose your parish. Thank you for your generosity.