Pope Francis has spoken out strongly about ecology. His Encyclical Letter "LAUDATO SI, On Care For Our Common Home," is based on Christian values and ideas of caring for the environment and the poor.
Have you had the opportunity to read Pope Francis' Encyclical Letter? If not, we encourage you to do so! You can access online at AND/OR, You are invited to lunch and a 45-minute presentation of an Overview of the Encyclical via power point after the 11:00 a.m. Mass on Sunday, April 24 in the St James School's Colette Dumstorf Auditorium. Fr. Jim Flynn will preside at the 11:00 a.m. Mass and present the overview. Pope Francis's Encyclical is a timely letter appropriate for consideration from all people because of the urgency of the attention by all humans about our environment. The presentation is suitable for students 7th grade and above. Please make plans to attend and invite your friends!


As we approach the 46th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, a secular celebration is being incorporated by many faith communities. This year, we join with the Earth Day Network to celebrate "Trees for the Earth." A handout expounding the value of Trees will be distributed as you exit. Please give time to not only reading, but also to incorporate the little daily actions noted. On the reverse side is A Prayer For Our Earth, from Laudato Si'. Enjoy this Earth Day and every day, by discovering God's Creation: the sunrise and sunset, birds, flowers and trees, rainbows in the sky, the stars, and the many forms of life in the forest. "LAUDATO SI', mi' SIGNORE"---"Praise be to you, my Lord".


St Brigid & St James Parish Communities are forming a Creation Care Team.
Our team will enable committed Catholics to lead the charge to solve climate change--together. We achieve more together, and united action is at the heart of this program.
Creation Care Teams unite the people around you. You'll work to make a difference, create more sustainable facilities, and advocate for the faith-informed climate policies. The Creation Care Team will help transform our community to be, in Pope Francis's words, "protectors of God's gifts."
Would you like to be part of our Creation Care Team? If interested, please contact David Doll, at: